Twin Hills Vineyard / Sonoma Coast / Pinot Noir

Our estate vineyard lies on a broad 20 acre hill top of Goldridge fine-sandy soil, south-west of Sebastopol.  A moderately elevated position (350-400 ft) and proximity to the Pacific Ocean (9 miles) create a chilly microclimate that is highly influenced by cold air rushing inland and the fog which accompanies it.  The Twin Hill Ranch is a historic agricultural site, whose name dates back to 1942, referring to the two main ridges that run through the Sebastopol Hills subregion, Pleasant Hill and Spring Hill (also known as Sexton Hill). 

The first vineyard parcels were planted in 1999 to Pinot Noir.  These small parcels are dry-farmed and produce exceptionally complex wine with surprising tannic intensity.  In 2006, our east-facing parcel along Elphick Road was planted to Pinot Noir "828".  In total, there are 5 productive acres of Pinot Noir vines.  In 2015 we planted an additional 4 acres of grapevine rootstock which was field grafted to several different heirloom selections of Pinot Noir (and a small section of Gamay Noir).  We hope these young vines will be productive by 2018.

Twin Hills Apple Orchard

In addition to grapes we have 3 acres of apple trees planted in the late 1960s to several heirloom varieties (Gravenstein, Golden Delicious, Early Golden, Fuji, Jonathon, Granny Smith).  The orchard was recently certified organic and produces apples for U-Pick, farmers markets, juice, and applesauce.  The deliciousness of these apples is legendary, drawing visitors from all over Northern California.  

We plan on making a small amount of estate-grown hard apple cider in the future.  Join our mailing list to stay in-the-loop!