Reichwage Winery cultivates two small vineyards in Western Sonoma County and produces a microscopic amount of wine each year.  By the end of the decade we hope to grow slowly in our own estate winemaking space.  Our approach to wine-growing is modeled after the vigneron approach of cultivating one's own vineyards, producing and bottling one's own wine.  


During the growing season, our main weapon in the battle against vineyard pests and diseases is Sulfur, a time proven viticultural application that must be done every couple of weeks.  After the grape berries have formed, we use "alternative" applications such as horticultural oils, plant extracts, and beneficial bacteria.  The weeds are managed with an under-the-vine cultivator and painstakingly hand-hoed. 

Another focus of our farming efforts is to grow exceptional wine grapes with little-to-no irrigation water.  This drives down vigor and yields, but results in wine with naturally great concentration.  


Our fermentations are managed with a combination of punch downs, pump overs, and foot treading.  Goals are for healthy native fermentations, with minimal use of SO2 (preserving the fresher flavors) until finally bottling the wine unfined and unfiltered.